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Permanent Makeup Review

Permanent 3d mink eyelash extensions is where tattooing is used in place of traditional makeup to enhance the look of someone’s eyes, lips, eyebrows, and to disguise scars. The more common cosmetic uses that I’ve witnessed are eyelining and filling in the eyebrows (eyebrow shaping). Instead of lining the eyes, a dark pigment (black or brown) is tattooed onto the eyelids, which is convenient for someone who isn’t skilled enough to line their eyes to their satisfaction. The permanent eyeliner will remain in place for years to come, and that eliminates any frustration you’ve experienced during the makeup application process.

 3d mink eyelash extensions
3d mink eyelash extensions

Permanent 3d mink eyelash extensions used to create eyebrows is popular for those who have extremely thin eyebrows, or have lost their brow hairs due to alopecia. Instead of using makeup to draw or create eyebrows, the desired design is tattooed onto the face using natural pigment, and will last for a significantly long time. Another method used for the lips involve lip lining or coloring. During this process, color is permanently placed along the border of the lips to appear as natural as any lip liner, and in the color you choose. Colored pigment can also be placed on top of the lips to appear as a matte lipstick in whatever shade suits you best. Also, if you suffer from facial scarring, then this approach will work well for you. It will disguise the scar to give you a more natural appearance.

Side effects of getting permanent makeup can include swelling of the skin, keloids, or some type of infection, although those cases are rare. It is possible that color will fade overtime, so it is necessary for you to know that touchups may be required at least three years later. It is also important for you to consider the complexity of the removal process. Because it is a tattoo, the typical removal methods are Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, laser removal, and dermabrasion. These methods can be quite painful, and you will have to attend at least a few sessions in order to remove the pigment completely. Another option, which is least effective, is a tattoo removal cream. It has received mixed reviews, so it’s possible that it may not completely remove a tattoo.

It is extremely important for you to get referrals before engaging in this process, and view the service provider’s portfolio and history. I would even go the extra mile and call a few of their past clients. The reason I feel this is important is because your appearance will become permanently altered, and you have to live with the results, whether they are good or bad. I’ve seen results that were flawless, and I’ve also met women who were not satisfied with the work they received and became upset as a result.

I myself considered this idea years ago, until another 3d mink eyelash extensions artist persuaded me not to. He pointed out the fact that makeup techniques (and looks) are constantly evolving, and that it would not be in my best interest to get “stuck” with a look that may go out of style in the next few years. I like to create different looks, and I usually stay on top of the current trends. His honest reasoning meant a lot to me, but your situation may be different. However, it is something to consider. If you are highly concerned with the convenience of not having to reapply makeup, and have a more laid-back approach to the 3d mink eyelash extensions application process, then permanent cosmetics will work well for you.

 3d mink eyelash extensions
3d mink eyelash extensions

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