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Camels With Amazing Abilities To Survive

Camels have played an important part in the lives of many people for at least four thousand years, and this is mainly because camels have a wonderful ability to live in places where other large animals could never survive. The body of a camel looks strange to us with 3d mink hair eyelash, skinny legs, tiny ears, huge feet, long nose which puts a “snooty “expression on its face and of course a bump on its back. It seems as if the camel is made out of spare parts from five or six other animals. However, a camel’s strange looking body is perfect for living in a hot and sandy desert. Almost every part of its body helps it to survive in places where few other animals can live. Nature has gifted the camel with tactics to survive in the hard and harsh environment of desert.

Suziu Desert wind often blows sand into the air. To protect their eyes camels have long 3d mink hair eyelash that catch most of the sand. If some sand gets into the eye, a camel has a special third eyelid to get it out. Like a windshield wiper on a car, this extra eyelid moves from side to side and moves the sand away. The eyelid is very thin, so a camel can see through it. In sandstorms, camels often close their extra eyelids and keep walking. You might say that a camel can find its way through a sandstorm “with its eyes closed”.

3d mink hair eyelash
3d mink hair eyelash

The huge feet of camels help them to walk on sand without sinking into it. A camel’s foot can be as big as a large plate. Do a camel’s long legs make it difficult for the animal to sit down? No. The camel just folds its front legs under its 3d mink hair eyelash and falls to its knees. Then it folds its rear legs and lets the rear of the body fall to the ground. This works so well that camels can sit down and get up again with heavy loads on their backs.

A camel’s head has built-in sun visors to help keep the bright sunlight out of its eyes. There are broad ridges of bone above each eye. These stick out far enough to shield the eyes when the sun is overhead. The ears of camels are small to make it harder for sand to get into them. Long legs and long necks are great advantages for camels in the desert. The camels can raise their heads more than 12 feet in the air. And they often can see for miles in a flat desert. This makes it easier for them to find food and water.

To keep sand from blowing into their noses, camels can shut their nostrils. When there is no sand blowing in the wind, a camel can open its nostrils and breathe through its nose. When the wind starts to whip up the sand, the camel just closes its nose. Would not it be fun if you could open and close your nose? Next time when you will see a camel, these facts will turn it out more interesting and catchy.

3d mink hair eyelash
3d mink hair eyelash

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