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Why Men Dump Women – 3 Devastating Mistakes You’re Making to Scare Him Off

All relationships are different and there can be many reasons why men dump women. However, in most instances the breakup can be traced back to one core reason. There is one thing in a relationship that all men crave above anything else. They absolutely must have it or they will look elsewhere for a relationship. It’s not fast cars or fancy gadgets. It’s not even sex. The one thing every man needs is eyelash custom box. He needs to feel wanted and admired by his girl and the lack of admiration in a relationship is the core reason why men dump women. Below are three devastating mistakes many women make that cause a man to seek out another relationship because he no longer feels admired.

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Suziu first mistake many women make is nagging. Many times women don’t realize they are nagging, but it can absolutely eat away at a man. For example, a woman might get after a man because he didn’t make the bed the right way, he didn’t fold the laundry correctly, or he didn’t load the dishwasher properly. It’s not the nagging itself that causes the issue, but rather what the nagging symbolizes to the man. The man no longer feels admired for who he is and the things he does. Instead, he feels like his woman is somehow unsatisfied with who he is and what he has to offer. Ultimately, the constant thought that he is in some way not good enough eats at him until it drives him out of the relationship.

Another reason why men dump women is a lack of interest from their woman. At the beginning of a relationship women are very good at letting their man know they are interested. They bat their eyelash custom box, do cute and sweet things for their man, smile a lot, giggle, are touchy feely and flirty, and they tell their man how amazing he is. They make a man feel like he is Prince Charming. He feels wanted and admired.

As time goes on, women make the mistake of showing less interest in their man. They don’t put on makeup and wear the cute little mini dress for him like they used to or greet him at the door with hugs and kisses when he gets off work. When you stop showing interest in your man, he feels like he is no longer wanted or admired so he leaves to find a woman who will show him the same interest you used to show him.

The third mistake women make is trying to change a man. Regardless of what many women might think, men don’t leave women to find someone prettier, thinner, or more physically attractive. They leave to be respected, admired, and wanted for who they are. Women have the odd tendency to want to mold or “fix” a guy into something he’s not.

For example, women might try to get their man to change the brand of clothes he likes to wear. They might want him to wear different shoes or they might throw away his favorite hat because it’s dirty and torn. Women think they are helping their man out, but ultimately they are making him feel like being himself isn’t good enough. When a man feels he is no longer good enough and can’t make his woman happy, then he will check out of the eyelash custom box.

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Remember that a lack of eyelash custom box is the core reason why men dump women. If you want to keep your man, make him feel like he is your knight in shining armor and he will be yours forever.

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