How Are Classic Lashes Different?

The two most important characteristics that differentiate classic lashes from the other techniques are:

#1 Ratio

Classic eyelash extensions are applied at the ratio of 1:1. That means one eyelash extension is added per natural lash one after another to fill the lash line.

Because it’s one artificial lash on a natural lash, the overall appearance seems natural.

Typically, an eye has 90 to 150 natural lashes and this means 80 to 100 eyelash extensions may be added. It depends on how lush or thick your natural lashes are as well as how you want extensions to be.

Eyelash Extensions

#2 Thickness:

The size of an eyelash extension is the thickness referred to here.

Today there are various sizes of eyelash extensions used for the classic style from the lowest at 0.10 mm to 0.12 mm, and 0.15 mm as the maximum size.

To put things into perspective, here’s a list of the weight of one lash extension for various thicknesses:

  • 0.07 mm is 0.00006 g
  • 0.10 mm is 0.00010 g
  • 0.12 mm is 0.00013 g
  • 0.15 mm is 0.00015 g
  • 0.18 mm is 0.00025 g
  • 0.20 mm is 0.00030 g

For those with naturally thick and strong lashes, thicker extensions may also be used. Note that with the thickness of the extensions, their weight also increases.

Eyelash Extensions