How To Apply Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are Synthetic Lashes applied directly to your natural eyelash using an adhesive. These aren’t the same as synthetic eyelash strips sold at mass retailers. Extensions come in little bundles of eight or nine Individual Lashes, and each bundle is glued directly onto your natural lash. The application procedure takes at least an hour when done by a professional, and can take up to three hours for less experienced people. The extensions should last around anywhere from two to eight weeks and will fall out as your natural lashes fall out.

Eyelash Extensions

1.Choosing Extensions

Evaluate the condition of your natural lashes.If your eyelashes are naturally short and thin, dramatically long or thick extensions won’t last long and may damage them. Before selecting extensions, examine your own lashes. The longer and healthier they are, the more weight they can withstand.
If you’ve never applied extensions before, consider starting with a half set to see how your natural lashes hold up.
You can always add more extensions later if you want a fuller or more exaggerated look.

Eyelash Extensions

2.Choose The Type And Design You Want.

There are three types of extensions – synthetic, silk and mink. Mink is the most expensive and synthetic is the least. The lengths usually range from 6mm to 17mm. Extensions also come in a variety of thicknesses, curls and colors. Think about what your ultimate goal is before making a choice.
For example, if your goal is to create a natural look, you could select medium length extensions in brown black.
If you are buying extensions as part of a costume, or if you’re going for a unique look, explore different color options and thicknesses.


Eyelash Extensions

3.Select Extensions In Several Different Lengths.

Once you’ve settled on a basic length and thickness, choose Individual Lashes that vary slightly in length. A subtle variation will provide the most natural looking results. Three sizes in a similar length range should be sufficient. The shortest extensions will be used to fill in any gaps in the lash line and keep the overall appearance from looking unnatural and crowded.

Eyelash Extensions

4.Buy An Eyelash Extension Kit. 

If you plan to apply the extensions yourself, get a kit from a beauty supply store. A kit will include different sized lashes (usually short, medium and long), along with all the tools you’ll need for application – tweezers, adhesive, adhesive remover and an eyelash brush. If you’ve never applied extensions before, buying a kit will make the process a lot easier.

  • Each kit is different. Read and follow the instructions included with the kit carefully.
  • Check the ingredients on the adhesive. Make sure it doesn’t have formaldehyde listed as an ingredient.

Eyelash Extensions

5.Consider Having The Extensions Professionally Applied The First Time.

Your lash line and the surrounding area are very sensitive places. Applying eyelash extensions on yourself can be risky, since the adhesive can irritate your skin or damage your natural lashes if not applied properly. If you don’t feel comfortable applying extensions yourself, find a certified professional to do it for you the first time.
  • After going through the process once, you’ll probably feel more at ease doing it at home.
  • Start by researching technicians in your area. Make sure they’re licensed and find out how long they’ve been doing this professionally.

Eyelash Extensions

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