Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit


  • [Simple and convenient]:the eyebrow stamp can save makeup time, just a few seconds to draw a natural and perfect eyebrow makeup, novices can easily use
  • [Waterproof and sweatproof]: one step brow stamp shaping kit can solves the problem that the eyebrows are not waterproof and sweatproof during normal makeup, and the strong adhesion makes your makeup more durable
  • [Natural makeup effect]: unique mushroom head design, fine stamp, blends perfectly with the skin, just like your real eyebrows
  • [Multiple choices]: ten different eyebrow stencils for you to choose, light brown、red brown and dark brown with different styles to create eye-catching makeup for you
  • [One thing for multiple purposes]: not only can draw perfect eyebrows, but also can be used as shadow stamp and hairline stamp, which is great value for money.And you can give the eyebrow stamp to your family, friends, and girlfriends as gifts
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Faint eyebrows? Less eyebrows? Short eyebrows?

Do you often envy the beautiful eyebrows of super stars? But how can I not paint the desired effect?

The Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit allows you to easily draw natural eyebrows. It is so simple to have the perfect eyebrows as super stars!

One Step Brow Stamp Shaping Kit includes 1 piece Eyebrow Stamp, 10 piece different Eyebrow Stencils and 2 piece Eyebrow Brushes which made the customer’s convenience in mind to make it easier than ever before to style and groom your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit


  1. Choose the appropriate Eyebrow Stencil and then align it to the position according to the grid line.
  2. Dip an appropriate amount of Eyebrow Stamp from the lid,use the Eyebrow Stamp to gently tap the blank area of the Eyebrow Stencils from the eyebrow tail until the blank area is painted completely.
  3. Flip the Eyebrow Stencil and repeat the second step above to draw the eyebrow on the other side
  4. Brush your eyebrows with a brush to make them more natural.


  • Dip an appropriate amount of Brow Stamp from the lid before use.
  • Apply brow Stamp by wiping, the color will be more even.
  • Apply from the end of the eyebrow, 2mm away from the Eyebrow, then use a brush to smudge the eyebrow evenly, so that the eyebrow effect is better and more beautiful and natural.
  • Fill the Eyebrow Stencil with a small amount of Eyebrow Stamp several times.

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

Eyebrow Stamp have 3 popular color in available:Light Brown,Natural Brown and Dark Brown ,you can choose the color which suits your hair color and make up.

  • Light Brown:Suitable for light-colored hair and brown hair
  • Red Brown:Suitable for darker or red brown hair
  • Dark Brown:Suitable for brown-black or black hair

The Eyebrow Stamp can ensure that your makeup will not smudge or fade due to sweat, rain or even water sports throughout the day.


  1. Due to the difference of light and screen display, the actual color may be slightly different from the picture color. Please use the actual color as the main color.
  2. The amount of dipping Stamp will also cause the color to be different, and if it is dipped in more the color will be darker, you can use a brush to remove excess
  3. Avoid rubbing vigorously with your hands after encountering water

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

Regardless of whether the hairline is moved backwards caused by hair loss, the top of the head is missing, or the natural hairline is not flat,Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit can easily help you solve it, as long as you put shadow Stamp on the sparse hair, it will easily return you to a natural beautiful hairline

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

The hairline Stamp is light and silky, blends naturally without agglomeration, waterproof and sweat-resistant makeup is not flowery, and it lasts beautifully .Not only can it be used as a hairline Stamp, but it can also grooming the nose and cheeks. A small bottle has a great effect.

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

One Step Eyebrow Stamp Shaping Kit includes 1 piece Eyebrow Stamp, 10 piece different Eyebrow Stencils and 2 piece Eyebrow Brushes which made the customer’s convenience in mind to make it easier than ever before to style and groom your eyebrows.

  • [Eyebrow Stamp] unique mushroom head design, fine Stamp, blends perfectly with the skin,novices can quickly color.
  • [Eyebrow Stencils] 10 piece customized shape stencils,quickly to find the most suitable style for yourself.
  • [Eyebrow Brushes] practical spiral brush carding halo dyeing,Make your eyebrows more natural.
  • [Pack Size] 9.8*4.5*2.8cm/ 3.86*1.77*1.1inch
  • [Net Content] 1.8g

This Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit makeup kit absolutely is a perfect gift. Perfect as a gift sends to Lover, Family and Friends when Valentine’s Day, Birthday and other Festival!

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  • Eyebrow Stamp in the lid, apply a small amount multiple times to achieve the color rendering effect
  • Before use, you can use oil-absorbent facial tissue or makeup Stamp to absorb excess oil, the effect is better
  • Waterproof and sweatproof: meet daily needs, avoid rubbing vigorously with your hands after encountering water
  • The elastic sponge gently pounces on the edge of the hairline, don’t directly pounce on the skin, and the effect of fusion with the hair is more natural
  • Use makeup remover or facial cleanser to clean it

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Light Brown, Natural Brown, Dark Brown