What Are The Advantages Of Classic Lash Extensions?

Classic False Lashes were the first-ever style of eyelash extensions and they’re still a crowd favorite for many. It’s a perfect choice if you’re getting eyelash extensions for beginners.What are the advantages of classic Lash Extensions?

  • Quickest: Lash techs only have to affix one extension per natural lash for the classic set unlike volume lashes or hybrid lashes. This saves time and gets the job done quickly by an experienced artist.
  • Cheapest: When it comes to the total number of eyelash extensions used, the classic set uses the least number of extensions while volume and hybrid use double or triple the number of fake lashes.Therefore, the cheaper cost of material for the salon (fewer synthetic lashes are being used) combined with the simpler technique results in classic lashes being cheaper than hybrid or volume lashes.So if you are not ready to spend a lot on your lashes, the classic set is for you.

  • Natural: This is the most important advantage of this type of extension. If you want to achieve a natural look with Eyelash Extensions, the classic set is for you.
  • Most Available: The first thing most lash techs learn to do is a classic set so you can go to any certified lash artist or salon to get this style done.
  • Soft Look: The classic style uses a ratio of 1:1 for an extension to a natural lash and hence it gives an uncrowded look to your lashes. This style mostly adds length to your eyelashes.

  • Good For Daily Wear: Classic lash extensions are perfect for professional spaces, office, cooking, cleaning, or just around the house.
  • Most Comfortable: When you think of it, it might seem better to get a single extension per eyelash than say, sixteen of them on most of your natural lashes. Regardless of the style you use, a good eyelash extension artist attaches extension equaling a healthy total weight per natural eyelash.

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