What Are The Pros And Cons Of Blend Lashes?

Pros of Hybrid Lashes

What are the reasons to get a hybrid lash treatment?

  • Not too simple, not too dramatic: Promising a natural look with a tint of drama, hybrid sets are wispy and textured for every eye.
  • Best of both worlds: With the hybrid style, you get volume and length in one treatment. It brings fullness and fine texture together. If you want a dense and full classic set, hybrid lashes are the way to go.
  • A good way to try before volume set: If you don’t want to get the mega volume right away or believe it takes the unnaturalness of the lashes away, the hybrid can be a good choice. If you feel unsatisfied with classic lashes, see gaps between them, or your workspace doesn’t accept a bold style like volume lashes too, hybrid works well.
  • Perfect for those with lash issues: Hybrid works for people with thick, thin, sparse, and weak lashes too. If you’ve sparse lashes and want a dramatic look, hybrid lashes are a healthy option for your eyelashes.

Cons Of Hybrid Lashes

What are the reasons why you shouldn’t get a hybrid eyelash extension style?

  • Needs an experienced lash tech: Not every lash artist can do a good hybrid set. You need a tech who is experienced with both the styles classic and volume so that they can personalize a look that best frames your eyes.
  • Has a high price: The hybrid set may be costlier than classic eyelashes at most certified lash salons. But that’s because they demand more time and skill than classic lashes. At the same time, hybrid lashes are cheaper than volume lashes too.
  • Lengthy application time: Just like volume lashes, the hybrid set also needs the lash artist to make unique fans for your eyes. Hence, it can easily take over two hours and sometimes even up to three hours for certain artists to do a full set.

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