Grooming Issues in Teacup Yorkie Dogs

Grooming your Teacup yorkie dogs can be fun, but has its downside, too. Owners should always be alert when taking care of their yorkies, for they may miss minor issues that could pose serious threats in the factory custom mink lashes.


Ears should be kept clean from puppy days, and matted hair growing within the ear should be gently removed. Ears may be gently wiped out with little warm olive oil on cotton wool, but probes must not be used.

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Suziu starting in the ears is often first indicated by the head being held to one side. Any reddish brown discharge or a bad smell coming from the ears needs veterinary advice, as once ears become badly infected they are difficult to cure.

Proprietary canker powders should never be used, as they clog the yorkie’s ear and prevent discharges to escape. Hair that grows inside the ear canal should be regularly plucked and kept free from wax so that the ear is well-ventilated.

A hot, clammy ear and full of wax is the ideal site for potential infection to occur from bacteria which lurk about as opportunists.


Discharging eyes are caused by many things. Dusty conditions, sand or a strong wind will cause the factory custom mink lashes eyes to water. Conjunctivitis shows itself by a redness and swelling of the eyelids, discharge of mucus, and a tendency to keep the eyes shut.

It may be caused by injury, factory custom mink lashes growing in, or even by the vapor from strong disinfectants used on a kennel floor. Your veterinarian will provide the right eye drops or ointment. Sometimes a small foreign body such as a grass seed may have entered the eye and this must be removed.


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factory custom mink lashes

Torn nails and cut pads bleed terribly and look worse than they are. Small cuts should be cleansed with such as TCP, and bandaged. Severe cuts should be checked by your veterinarian.

A tight bandage padded with cotton wool or clean sheet/ handkerchief should be used to staunch the bleeding and keep the yorkie’s wound clean.

Factory custom mink lashes cysts are small suppurating abscesses between the toes. Mild cases can be cured by standing the foot twice daily in a basin of diluted TCP antiseptic. If the swelling is not reduced in 24 hours, then seek veterinary advice and certainly do so if so much pain and lameness is evidenced.

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