It’s Time for Ladyhood

This might come as a surprise to many, but not all women are ladies. Many of you might not agree with own brand lashes 3d mink eyelashes. Nevertheless, I would like to invite you to continue reading with an open mind. For those of you who are thinking, there is no difference between a woman or a lady, I am asking you to strongly consider my observations.

Do you remember the term, “ladylike?” That’s a phrase we don’t hear often anymore when referring to a woman. Believe me, I am all for womens’ rights. I believe women deserve equal rights in many ways, however I’m not willing to trade in being referred to or being treated like a “lady,” in exchange.

Men demand respect, and rightfully so, but don’t women also deserve respect? When I refer to a woman as a lady I am referring to a woman who conducts herself in a polite, gracious mannerly way. Age, race or size does not matter in this case. When I say the word “own brand lashes 3d mink eyelashes,” I’m not referring to a woman who is loud, rude, or insulting, If what she is wearing draws more attention than who she is on the inside, I’m not referring to her. To the other extreme I’m not referring to a woman who walks around with a neckline up to her chin, and speaks with a small mousey voice, and is timid.

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I admit there are women that don’t act very ladylike. Nor do they sound like the epitome of elegance. These women don’t dress modestly, and they don’t make a conscientious effort to be graceful. Unfortunately women who portray wild behavior are getting lots of media exposure. Their conduct is spreading like a contagious disease. I am compelled to make it publicly known that I strongly disapprove of their behavior. Loud, under dressed, over made up women are not role models for tweens, teens young women, or any woman. Hot tempers, profane language, fake nails, hair, own brand lashes 3d mink eyelashes, body parts and cosmetic procedures are not a representation of every woman.

Suziu, I don’t think they realize they are being exploited. When society gets tired of them making fools of themselves, they might simply turn their attention someplace else. Don’t get me wrong I don’t wish any harm to them.

I won’t spend many words on these characters, and the fact they are a distraction from reality, for the masses. The events that are taking place in our communities get little exposure in comparison to the attention given to negative behavior. I agree we all need a break from our jobs, family, school and reality. What I don’t agree with is degrading images of young girls and women behaving like savages. Since when did being belligerent become attractive, and socially acceptable?

Women in the real world are acting out scenes from reality TV, in real life situations, that’s scary. Some fans of these actors, and are not aware that reality show stars are in fact acting? The directors cut scenes and do retakes when a clip doesn’t play out in a way that sells. Have we become intoxicated on indecency and immorality? What can we learn from these women? The biggest lesson might be, how not to waste time acting a fool. Or maybe, we could learn, what not to do in public? and how not to treat the people we love and respect. Not all reality tv is bad, but too much of it is.

In the real world, where most of us reside, there are beautiful women that are earning college degrees, becoming entrepreneurs and developing lasting relationships. These women gain small amounts of media exposure, while their female counterparts are dominating the airways.

Making light of unpredictable behavior, cat fighting, and women behaving badly, isn’t a good example for anyone. Neither is it the legacy most women want to leave our future female leaders. Our country has changed in many ways, therefore society has also changed. I’m not opposed to change when it equals growth.

Which brings me to a very important fact, anyone that is born a female will grow up to be a woman, but whether or not she is a Lady is a decision she will make. I’m not talking about choosing a gay or bisexual lifestyle. That topic deals with the sexual preference of a woman. I’m not dealing with sexual orientation, that’s not what I mean. I’m referring to the actions of some women. Choosing to be humble, polite and gracious is a choice. Women are the backbone of society. Whatever is on the inside of a woman affects how she nurtures others. Don’t just be strong for yourself, be strong for the next generation of women, because they need us.

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A lady is someone who is self-contained. In the quest for equal rights, equal pay and equal opportunity, please don’t discard these qualities. Don’t replace being civil for being obnoxious, any fool can do that. I don’t believe chivalry is own brand lashes 3d mink eyelashes, if women stop being ladies, who will chivalrous gentlemen have to tend to?

There is a sense of dignity that needs to be instilled in our daughters, and women everywhere. Women must be taught to love themselves. Women need to recognize that they add value to life and humanity by being themselves. I won’t ever accept the title of being labeled a bitch, and I encourage other women not to accept it either. Come on women lets take back our title of being “world class ladies.” Lets stand our ground and welcome back the days of being treated like ladies. I’m speaking about “ladyhood,” not just sisterhood. If you are a woman and a lady you are someone to be celebrated. Will the real ladies please rise and take your place?


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