Long, Sexy Lashes – The Secret to Applying Them So They Look Natural, Not Silly!

Which Color to Qingdao lashes factory custom:
False eyelashes that are closest to your hair color will give you that more natural look. Brown lashes work best for blonds and light brown hair. If black mascara seems harsh with your skin color, then black lashes may also be too dramatic. Beige to bronze skin tones will be enhanced by a darker lash choice. However, if just a striking statement is your objective, black lashes will be exceptional no matter which skin tone you have. So your occasion and skin tone will dictate your Qingdao lashes factory custom color choice.

Types of False Lashes:

Qingdao lashes factory custom
Qingdao lashes factory custom

Suziu Eyelashes come in a variety of ways: individual strands, strips of lashes, and flares. Going for the most natural? An individual strand, though at times tedious to apply, are my choice. If you want to be noticed, the strips look the most obvious. The little pieces used on the ends of lashes, called ‘flares’ are a choice in between.

Application Directions:
Have ready all of your supplies: straight pin, toothpick, lashes, eyelash glue, and a tissue.

Be sure you’ve used an eye makeup remover and have clean lashes so that the glue will adhere.

Line your eyes with a pencil eyeliner so placement is apparent and no spaces will be seen between your false and natural lashes.

Lay all the supplies on the tissue, just so you can find them quickly.

Apply glue to the pin and then onto the false lashes.

Quickly draw a very thin, continuous strip of glue on the fake Qingdao lashes factory custom, making sure there is glue on the ends so they can be secured.

Press them along your natural lash line, using your finger and the toothpick. The glue will dry quickly, giving you just enough time to so you can maneuver the lashes into place. Tap them with the toothpick, adjusting if necessary. Try not to move them if possible; repeated moves will cause them not to be as secure. Try to resist the urge.

When using a band of lashes, a line of liquid eyeliner applied after the glue dries can help to disguise the band.

Removing False Qingdao lashes factory custom: 
Depending on the type of glue used, your lashes will look lovely for one day or several. For removal use an oil-based product. Pulling on them to get them off, also pulls on the delicate, easily wrinkled skin and might remove some of your natural lashes by mistake!

Qingdao lashes factory custom
Qingdao lashes factory custom

Whether it’s fun, flirtations, natural or outrageous…enjoy all the statements false eyelashes can make!

Lin Greene is a professional Qingdao lashes factory custom care and color specialist. She works with women like you, to give them the skin they love and colors that enhance their natural beauty. Lin would love to answer your questions.

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